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Beef, Ars Vinum


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Barbaresco Rabaja 2010

Cascina Luisin

Beef as a side dish to pasta or boiled as "Tafelspitz", the Barbaresco Cascina Luisin is always the perfect match.

It has an aromatic amplitude, it is fine, but has incisive gray tannin, which makes it ideal to high quality meat: for a balanced freshness and dynamic mouth.

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Barbaresco Rabaja 2010, Ars Vinum
Fish, Ars Vinum


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Roero Arneis il Mandolo 2015

Cantina del Glicine

The Roero Arneis il Mandolo 2015 is the perfect wine for fish.

It is a dry and fresh wine, with a pleasant acidity.

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Roero Arneis il Mandolo 2015, Ars Vinum
Lamb, Ars Vinum


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Castello di Bolgheri 2010

Castello di Bolgheri

Bolgheri is well-harmonized with lamb, a lean meat with intense aromas, but gentle texture.

The ample nose bouquet and the large fruit volume in the mouth are a good approach to the wild taste of the lamb. A noble meat requires a wine that has great consistency and persistence of tannin.

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Castello di Bolgheri 2010, Ars Vinum
Rabbit, Ars Vinum


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Etna Rosso 2011


Rabbit meat has fresh scents and a subtle texture in the mouth, hence should be combined with this particularly elegant red wine from Mount Etna: ample scents, with hints of vulcanic minerals.

This wine is saline in the mouth, with a fresh, floral and consistent balance; the volume opens to the full mouth: a game between affinity and contrast.

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Etna Rosso 2011
Seafood, Ars Vinum


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Le Caniette

IOSONOGAIA is a white wine of incredible consistency. The balance of density and ripeness, while maintaining freshness and crunchiness is only possible in the Marche.

The sweetness, meatiness and smokiness is enhanced through grilled prawns, while in combination with sea food perfect affinity and completion is reached.

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IOSONOGAIA 2011, Ars Vinum