ARS VINUM - THE ART OF WINE Organically produced boutique wines from Italy

Our Philosophy


The promise Ars Vinum stands for is to offer only wines whose pleasure of consumption reaches far beyond the moment: Wine should be a pleasure that accompanies special moments of your life; whether that be a family lunch, dinner with friends or a romantic rendezvous.

True Wine

Our exclusive Ars Vinum selection contains wines of utmost quality, all possessing a unique element: Truth.
We believe excellent wine reaches its fullest potential only when it is “True wine”, meaning no artificial additives. Many of these can affect the authenticity of a wine, which in our opinion has to reflect the terroir, the grapes and the deep knowledge of the winery, nothing else.

The Wine selection

Our Ars Vinum wines were selected by Alessandro Dondi, our wine expert. The selection criteria of Ars Vinum are meticulous. The degustation sessions are repeated over several days to simulate the evolution of a wine.


When selecting our wineries, we pay special attention to their sustainable practices on their field. Most of our wineries work biologically certified and avoid chemistry. The wineries we collaborate with, operate in harmony with nature, letting the grapes define the moment of harvest!

The Wine cellar

During vinification we prefer spontaneous fermentation. Using traditional methods, our producers respect the individual character of each wine allowing it to fully express itself. Therefore, our wines reflect their distinctive origin.