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Vino Vero

Vino Vero

Alessandro Dondi


Ars Vinum Wines

My selection for Ars Vinum is the culmination of years of work, many journeys and thousands of degustations in search of perfection. Ars Vinum is an exclusive collection of wines that come from exceptional terroirs. They are the result of winemakers who handle their vineyards with the utmost care, skillfully maturing their wines. These wines are elegant, yet maintain the taste of their original grapes. Sustainably produced, these wines promise the perfect wine enjoyment.


This is the wine we love and call VINO VERO – and we are happy to share it with you.


Food or enjoyment-food?

Technically, wine is classified as food – but we believe, there is so much more to it. These “food” wines are poured into a water-glass and drunk in a single shot. But for us, wine is a treat: I am speaking of full-bodied products with raw tannins, strong character and vinous perfumes… enjoyment-food; that one can barely find anymore on the market due to the industrialization of wine production.

Vino Vero Weintrauben

True Wine – my story

I remember my grandfather would buy grapes in Piana Rotaliana, in Teroldego, to make wine with the stems intact, yielding a black, tonic wine. At that time, wine was clearly not yet of interest to me due to my young age, but the memories of the presence of such strong perfumes remain as vivid as if it was yesterday. Those memories define the passion I have for my job today.

Once, I stumbled upon a restaurant that served only a single menu, accompanied by only two choices of wine, a white and red house-wine, both of which you could drink as much of as you wished. The first time I dined there, I was perplexed by the quality of the wine, as in most restaurants the house wines are a nothing special. I poured the wine into a typical water-glass: it was black, incredibly dense and looked fantastic. I had not seen such a wine in years! I drank it all in one shot to fill my mouth completely. It was an explosion of energy, substance and tannins! It was unbelievable fresh and clean, as if it was a fruity juice… 


Ars Vinum wines are VINO VERO – TRUE WINES, creating an emotional experience, which activate your senses in the same way my grandfather's wine did for me as a child. Enjoying our Ars Vinum wines you will feel the same connections between your senses, your memories and your heart.