ARS VINUM - THE ART OF WINE Organically produced boutique wines from Italy

What makes our wines so special?

The philosophy of Ars Vinum represents a very special selection of wines. We focused on wineries that best match our philosophy.

Vino vero - the best wine taste!

We believe that only true wines, that taste of the grapes, the terroir and the skill of the winemaker, enable a special wine enjoyment. We call them Vino Vero.

The vineyard in harmony with nature - wine, as natural as possible!

Many winemakers of us avoid the use of chemicals, especially pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. This is not always easy, but the dose and understanding of sustainability are decisive. Some of our winemakers are certified organic, but many are working according to organic and sustainable concepts, without having the certification. In this way, the terroir of the wine enfolds to its best advantage and makes its special character.

Ripe grapes and careful harvesting - the highest quality!

At harvest, the ripening of the grapes determines the time of harvesting. This ensures that only few additives are required for the wine. The wines are carefully picked usually by hand, selected carefully and processed directly.

The skills of the winemakers in the wine cellar - winemakers of the highest level!

These so carefully selected wines are often fermented spontaneously. This is only possible when the vineyard was not "killed" with chemicals, but the natural yeasts continue to thrive. Ageing takes place in stainless steel or wood. Again the skill of the winemaker is in demand. Absolute cleanliness, ripe fruit and gentle processing and storage make it possible to get along with few additives, such as Sulfur. This leads to a true pleasure!

Try our wines and let us know what you find so special about them!